Professional athletes are a unique breed of people.  They attract millions of followers and harbor athletic skills and expertise that most only dream of having.  From mainstream professional leagues like football, basketball, hockey and baseball to elite tennis players, Olympians and so on, they spend their lives pursuing childhood dreams that end up beating enormous odds.  At the end of the day many of them end up making millions and millions of dollars but somehow, through it all, happiness and peace of mind are so fleeting for them.  So often it seems that these are the individuals caught up in drug abuse, alcoholism, anger issues, crime and the list goes on ad nauseam.

When looking at the emotional toll that professional athletes go through we must consider that, since the body, mind & spirit are all immensely intertwined with one another, the physical rigors these athletes endure can surely affect them on many levels.  Then consider the immense pressures of having to live up to the expectations set upon them in order to justify astronomical salaries and money on the line, and to some it is simply too much.

Grey Matters International focuses on helping these individuals to go beyond their normal perceptions and reach a new level of performance.  We take a very holistic approach toward recovery and have changed hundreds of lives as a result.  In the case of professional athletes and the hurdles prevalent to them, our life change components have shown tremendous success in improving focus and performance under great pressure, while also assisting the individuals in managing and maximizing their lives while outside the sports arena.  The goal is multi-fold and encompasses all aspects of the individual’s lives.

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