Not so long ago, tattoos where something that were drawn in villages using primitive methods on either hands or foreheads mostly as a jewelry marking and have been a part of India since ancient times. However, nowadays tattoos are considered more of a beautiful art, which can play a huge role in depicting ones choices or personalities. Body art has become a popular form of self-expression for many of the youths who want to express themselves differently. In all the different tattoo types, sleeve tattoo are quite popular as sleeves have a lot of empty space the tattoo artist can play with. However, taking some precautions before going in for it is wise and safe. This article explains all you need to know about sleeve tattoos including how much does a sleeve tattoo cost.

Types of Sleeve Tattoos:

There are basically four types of sleeve tattoos.

1. A quarter Tattoo: This extends from the top of the shoulder to the midway before the elbow.

2. Half: This extends from the top of the shoulder until the elbow.

3. Full sleeve: This kind of tattoo looks like one is wearing a full sleeve shirt as it extends from the top of the shoulder to all the way down the wrist.

These are just the common types while one can also choose smaller designed like single lines that can be drawn anywhere on the hand either on the top or bottom side. The most important part is how much a sleeve tattoos cost as you pre plan to manage your finances better. As the space is large, the artist is allowed to make mistake but also if done really well, sleeve tattoos are a style statement in themselves.

Steps to Follow to Get a Successful Sleeve Tattoo:

1. The right tattoo artist: looking for licensed artists is the most important thing to do as the use of unsterilized equipments by some road-side local tattoo artists could cause larger health problems. Hence survey enough before you decide the best artist to go to.

2. Select the right design: Most of us make this common mistake of selecting the design or theme before-hand either by influence of seeing someone else with that tattoo or any other reasons. The biggest disadvantage of doing this is that you wouldn’t allow the tattoo artist’s imagination to flow and create magic in the form of your body art. So always consult your artist before finalizing your choice.

3. Color selection: Most of us go for either black or blue. But there is a wide pallet of tattoo colors to choose from!

4. Price: We often wonder as to how much does a sleeve tattoo cost as its size is so humungous many a times. But go in for a reasonably priced and professional artist to save on those extra bucks. Do not go just by the name but also check their work!


Hope the article has given useful information about tattoos. Stay connected to us more updates. Thanks for reading!

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